Hello everyone, The purpose of this portfolio is an Education Core Studies Class I am currently taking at the University of Regina. Here, you can read about my failures and successes on my journey to become a Secondary Chemistry teacher. From reading about me, I hope you can see the true passion behind teaching, or … More

Social Efficiency Method – Reading 2

Schiro defines Tyler rationale is formed around the scientific technique that students are only learning to be fully functioning adults in society. He created questions based on this that teachers and schools should use to fit the right criteria of learning. His questions cover what the purpose of the educational information is, what experiences can … More Social Efficiency Method – Reading 2

Common Sense

Kumashiro typically defines common sense as the general knowledge or norm held by a group. People may hold different common sense ideas due to geographical location, field of study, culture, etc. For Canadian teachers, common sense in the classroom may include the routine of a day being classes, recess or lunch breaks, more classes, then … More Common Sense

Inclusion Blog

3 things I learned: there is actually studies that prove that inclusion of disabled kids benefits all children in the learning environment. It isn’t beneficial to anyone for them to be excluded from the class, or the curriculum. in the study, it also showed that kids who have this opportunity (access to general education) have … More Inclusion Blog

The Secret Path

3 things I learned: kids were often transported by trains to Residential Schools, now names “trains of tears”. These kids were taken from their families, and some like Charlie’s, were over 600km away. today, it is still difficult for survivors to talk about it, not only because of the effects and horrible memories, but because … More The Secret Path

Week 8 Reflection

3 things I learned: Although there isn’t sufficient research, there is evidence that more men get higher leadership positions (principal, superintendent) in the school system than women, who are more likely to get a vice principal position. benefits can vary from school division to school division because they are negotiated between the school division and … More Week 8 Reflection

Teachers and the Teaching Profession and Teacher Identity Reflection : Week 7

3 thing I learned: in the definition of profession, professionals depend on peers for guidance, rather than a superior. the code of ethics is held above the freedom of speech for teachers. Teacher’s cant say what they think unless it is beneficial to the education of the student or of those involved. most teachers hold … More Teachers and the Teaching Profession and Teacher Identity Reflection : Week 7

Philosophy of Education and Sociology of Education Response

3 things I learned: Educational philosophy is not one thing, but is an interconnections of believing how something should be.  There are many different types that have overlaps with each other and that relate to topics inside and outside the classroom walls. Before reading this article, I was only really aware of realism and idealism. … More Philosophy of Education and Sociology of Education Response